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We assist out clients in a wide spectrum of real estate services in a state with many different unique real estate issues.

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Local Texas Real Estate Services

At Duffley Law, we proudly offer our real estate services to clients across Texas.

Our real estate practice covers a diverse range of areas, addressing the unique needs of our local community.

•Residential Real Estate for Texans

Buying or selling a home in Texas is a significant milestone. Our attorneys are well-versed in the home buying and selling process, understanding the unique aspects that matter to Texans. We recognize the significance of residential real estate transactions for individuals and families, and we also collaborate closely with residential property investors.

From preparing simple deeds to drafting purchase contracts and navigating title companies, we’re here to guide you through the process, ensuring your interests are protected, and your transaction proceeds seamlessly.

•Leasing Tailored to Texas

Navigating leases, whether commercial or residential, in Texas requires close attention to local regulations. Our team excels in helping both landlords and tenants navigate lease agreements with precision. We understand the specific leasing dynamics in Texas and work diligently to minimize risks and conflicts. Like all our services, our approach is tailored to align with your leasing objectives within the unique Texas context.

•Commercial Real Estate

We have experience working with commercial real estate as well.

As Texas thrives economically, we provide legal support to businesses across various asset classes, including apartments, offices, retail, and industrial spaces. Whether it’s acquisitions, sales, lease negotiations, or property development, our goal is to offer strategic legal guidance that aligns with your Texas business objectives.

•Texas Condominium Law

Condominium ownership in Texas comes with its own set of legal considerations.

We offer guidance on condominium association matters, bylaws, disputes, and compliance—while keeping Texas regulations in mind. We’re able to prepare the necessary legal documentation for condo conversions, too!

Whether you’re a condo owner, association, or developer, our tailored solutions are designed to meet your unique Texas needs.

•Navigating Texas Landlord-Tenant Relations

Landlord-tenant relationships can be tough to navigate. Our legal team provides clear advice on lease agreements, tenant rights, and eviction proceedings, all while considering local nuances. Our aim is to resolve disputes amicably, prioritizing the interests of our clients—both landlords and tenants—in accordance with Texas laws.

•Texas Foreclosure Surplus Recovery

After a foreclosure in Texas, there might be surplus funds available. We can help clients navigate the complex process of surplus funds recovery, ensuring that rightful parties receive what they’re owed under Texas regulations.

•Eviction Assistance in Texas

When eviction becomes necessary in Texas, having a knowledgeable attorney on your side is vital. We provide reliable guidance and representation throughout the eviction process, ensuring strict compliance with Texas legal requirements and seeking swift resolutions.

Our Texas Approach

At Duffley Law, we’re committed to serving the unique legal needs of Texas residents and businesses. We focus on clear communication, personalized attention, and providing effective legal solutions tailored to Texas law.

Whether you’re engaged in a residential or commercial real estate deal, facing condominium disputes, or require assistance with another issue, Duffley Law is your reliable source for real estate law in Texas.

We’re dedicated to guiding you toward successful outcomes that align with Texas laws and regulations.

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